Death in an Evil Place

by Antony Norman

My first novel by Antony Norman

Published by Matador 2017
Copyright © Antony Norman
Cover image by David Joy

ISBN 978 1785893 667


Printed and bound in 140 x 215 paperback format
Also in E-book format from November 2017.

Introducing Ken Hardy
An Unlikely Detective

On a foggy November afternoon in the early 1990's Ken is visiting customers in moorland Lancashire. He makes an unscheduled call at Fellbeck, a remote Victorian farmhouse and walks into an unsettling experience. Why does the farmer seem to be living in the past and what is the air of menace about the place?

Unable to find a rational explanation and rejecting the imaginative alternatives, Ken does his best to bury the affair in the hurly-burley of business life.

Six years later the experience comes back to haunt him when Caroline Enderby is brutally murdered in the same farmhouse. Ken's young friend, Chris Berry who is Caroline's lover, is arrested and charged with her murder.

Basing the prosecution case on the old reliable scenario of a lovers quarrel gone wrong, the police are convinced that they have got their man. Ken is equally certain that Chris has been framed and sets about proving it.
The defence lawyer points out that shooting holes in the police evidence will not be enough. "...this is a jury trial in a courtroom...the police have a dead girl and a bloodstained lover...we've got a complicated plot."


The Quest

The lawyer is right. Undeterred, Ken sets about the job with determination, imagination and a touch of native cunning, mingled with wry humour. Finally he is able to engineer a confrontation which exposes the perpetrators and brings the trial to a crashing conclusion before going on to dismiss his personal demons.
Especially recommended for reading by guttering candlelight in a thunderstorm - at your own risk!


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